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Hamos Electrostatic Separation Equipment


​Recycling and Separation Technology

Hamos Recycling and Separation Technology is a leading producer of  electrostatic separators and 

complete systems for recycling and separation of plastic mixtures, cable scrap, electronic scrap ( black plastic ), composite materials and minerals as well as for separation of metals and impurities from plastics, food and more.  With a wide range of machinery and equipment, Hamos offers the optimal solution for your separation task due to 25 years of experience and the continual development of our electrostatic separators and 

recycling facilities.

KWS 1010

Metal / Plastic Separator

Electrostatic separators hamos KWS be used for dry separation of metals from plastics and other non-conductive materials. Even the finest metal particles <0.1 mm can be separated.

It is thus possible in a particularly economical way to recover, separate, or to clean plastics prior to further processing of metal parts precious metals. KWS can separate conductive materials such as wood, cardboard and even conductive rubber from non-conductive plastics to clean and upgrade 

contaminated mixtures.   

KWS 1521

​Metal / Plastic Separator

KWS series of electrostatic separators are scale-able and modular to meet any processing throughput requirement.  Drum lengths of different sizes, multiple stages, multiple drums are all options within each enclosure.  When more throughput is required, additional modules can easily be seamlessly integrated to work in parallel or in series.  Trust us to configure the most efficient and economical arrangement for your process. Other models include, KWS 1522, KWS 2521, KWS 2522 and more.


​    E-WASTE & W.E.E.E.    Plastic Separation

KRS Plastic Recycling Plant is a turn-key system for automatic separation of pre-processed plastic mixtures.  E-Waste plastics, WEEE plastics, and plastic from refrigerators are examples of applications for this plant that is capable of producing PS, ABS and PP fractions with very high purities.  Field tested, proven dry electrostatic technology can separate contaminates such as wood, rubber, metals and more.  Mixed black plastics are separated easily and efficiently. 


Plastic / Plastic Separator

EKS electrostatic separators separate mixed plastics in a dry process achieving very clean plastic fractions at low processing costs. Examples of mixtures commonly processed with EKS are;  PS/ABS, PVC/Rubber, HDPE/PP, PET/PVC, PP/PS, ABS/PMMA, PVC/PE and many more. All can be efficiently separated.  EKS works independent form color and separates mixtures of black plastics with high purity and scalable throughput.


PVC Window Recycling

PVC so pure that it can be directly processed again by co-extrusion into new profiles.  Hamos WRS recycling line is engineered specifically for recovering PVC from production waste or even from used old windows.  Separation of rubber, wood, glass, metal etc. is done in high throughputs in a low maintenance 24/7 operation.  Minimal energy consumption and low manpower  are key elements in this fully automatic, turn-key system.  Complete material logistics, big bag filling stations, de-dusting and color sorting are some of the components that contribute to this high performance solution. 



Plastics Separator

PETg shrink labels can now be separated from PET significantly increasing purity of rPET.  PVC contamination and other thermoforms can also be separated form PET flakes to produce extremely clean PET.  EKS-PET can also be used to separate other materials such as HDPE/PP, PS/ABS, PVC/rubber and more.  Even mixtures of black plastics can be separated efficiently. 


Metal Separation from PET Other Plastic Flakes​​

KWS-PET can be configured as a turn-key system complete with fully automatic material handling and high throughput rates.  Suitable for 24/7 operation, capable of several thousand lb/hr, material transport, de-dusting pipes, electrode cleaning and PLC control are standard.


Mineral Separators

KMS electrostatic corona drum separator separates heavy mineral sands into clean fractions economically and in a dry process.  Material mixtures with different compositions can be separated.  EMS tribo-electric separator separates fine grain like minerals using a special charging device whereby one mineral is charged positively and the other negatively.  This dry process is not subject to environmental requirements and permissions like wet processes are.    


KWS Electrostatic Separator 

Separation of Cable Plastic & Copper Fines

KRS Recycling System for WEEE

and Mixed Black Plastics